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Five things that I don’t do anymore… And why

 recently posted a great article on his blog at titled ‘5 things that I don’t do anymore…… and why’.

Jason states, “I’m getting to the point where I’ve been around long enough that I have seen a lot of different practices come and go at my golf club. In the 10 years I have been a superintendent here at Pender Harbour we have made a lot of changes for the better. We all know that each course is unique and no one solution fits all situations. Here I will share some of those things that I used to do but no longer do and why. Maybe I will inspire you to ask yourself if these practices are right for your course.”

He then goes on to cover several topics from verticutting, daily mowing on Greens & working crazy hours and burning himself out to syringing greens & pigments.


Image by Jason Haines

We were especially happy to read about his results with daily mowing. Jason recalls, “Before I got my lightweight roller I had to mow daily. Daily mowing was the easiest and best way to provide consistent greens conditions day to day.

Then I got a lightweight roller and things changed. I heard how guys down in California were rolling daily and cutting every other day. I decided to check it out and even did a few tests to see for myself. Since then I have been hooked on daily rolling and now only mow as required based on clipping yield.”

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