Universal Conditions

Tru-Turf Pty. Ltd. (Tru-Turf) will repair or replace any item or part of a Tru-Turf Golf Greens Roller that is defective in workmanship or material for a period of twenty four (24) months or unless otherwise stated, from the date of delivery of the new product to the original end user. Items identified as warrantable will be repaired or replaced by an approved Tru-Turf Dealer.

Products Protected By This Warranty

This Warranty relates to the following products manufactured by Tru-Turf, listed by model series;

a). GR7000, GR11000, RB48, RS48, R52 & SC48 series golf greens rollers.
b). TR66 triplex smoothing heads and triplex mower attachment hardware.
c). SR72 Sports Turf Roller.
d). MT5000 Series Totes are covered for a period of twelve(12) months.

Ensure that your dealer has completed and submitted
the Online Warranty Registration and Inspection Report
Form applicable to your unit. This will also ensure that it
has been sent directly to Tru-Turf for registration.

Parts Warranted by OEM Suppliers to Tru-Turf

Specific component parts supplied to Tru-Turf Pty. Ltd. by OEM suppliers are covered by that supplier’s Warranty. These parts and components include Eaton Transmissions, Honda Engines, Sevcon Controllers, Curtis Controllers, Falk Gearboxes & Electric Motors. Only Tru-Turf manufactured parts qualify for the twenty four (24) month warranty.

Normal Wear and Tear

Tru-Turf will not repair or replace parts that are subject to normal wear and tear and or that are subject to regular maintenance intervals as specified in the product Operator’s Manual. These parts include, but are not limited to, oils, filters, tyres, shafts, bearings, blades, spikers, slicers, brakes, belts, hoses, spark plugs, drive chains, sprockets, drive rollers & smoothing roller.

Other Items Not Covered By This Warranty

Tru-Turf will not repair or replace any item that has been damaged by accident, lack of reasonable care and protection or lack of suitable storage.

Tru-Turf will not warrant parts that have been altered or modified, nor aftermarket parts fitted without written Tru-Turf approval. Tru-Turf will not warrant used parts that are installed in place of failed parts.

Tru-Turf will not warrant parts that have not been installed by an approved Tru-Turf dealer, nor will Tru-Turf warrant parts that have not been maintained per the Operator’s Manual.

The product is to be made available for Warranty repairs at the approved Tru-Turf dealer’s premises or by arrangement with the approved dealer.

Service calls, overtime-labour rates and freight costs related to the return of the faulty product to Tru-Turf or its agents are not included.

Tru-Turf shall not be liable for any consequential loss, damage or costs incurred by or incidental to the failure of any new part supplied with the original purchase or any new part supplied as a replacement for any failed part.

Ensure that your dealer has completed and submitted
the Online Warranty Registration and Inspection Report
Form applicable to your unit. This record must be referred to along with the reasons why the purchaser believes that the product or a part is defective in the categories of faulty material or workmanship.

Acceptance or rejection of the Warranty Claim is entirely at the discretion of Tru-Turf or their OEM Suppliers who warrant their own part/s.

No person or organisation has the authority to modify the terms or conditions or limitations of this Warranty without the written consent of Tru-Turf.

TRU-TURF Pty. Ltd. Warranty Terms & Conditions