Introducing the BP60-ELTac, 36v Electric Bowling Green Polisher


Engine Type: 36 Volt Electric
Horsepower: 1.2 hp (900 Watt.)
Trailer: 1.2 hp (900 Watt.)
Warranty: 2 years
Overview Features Specifications

Tru-Truf has a long history of success in the Lawn Bowls industry. In fact, in 1978 Ron Kaye one of the original designers of Tru-Turf rollers, was flown to Canada along with his bowls machines to correct the bad greens in Edmonton in time for the commencement of the Commonwealth Games. Our machines have dramatically evolved since those early days but our commitment to quality and innovation has remained.

The BP60 is driven by a whisper-quiet electric motor to reduce noise for early morning rolling and is paired with state of the art AC electric components and a worm drive gearbox.

No chains and no belts mean the BP60 is virtually maintenance free. Our built-in trailer remains with the roller when operating making for simple, hassle-free transporting.

True the surface and improve greens quality quickly and easily thanks to our patented triple offset smoothing head and a large balanced steel drive roller.

Operations are simple & safe. Stopping and starting is smooth and controlled and steering is light and responsive. Work in comfort with a padded UV rated seat and armrests.

Have peace of mind with our 24 month warranty & after sales service.


Featuring a state-of-the-art 36 volt, drive system for energy-efficient power in all conditions, at all times of the day.


Roll up to 8 bowling greens quickly and quietly on a single charge with no loss of performance. Only possible with Tru-Turf’s industry-leading technology.



All our electric machines are fitted with independently sprung tri-roller smoothing heads featuring heavy-duty stainless steel rollers. These are double sealed and fitted with quality ball bearings for longer life.


36V, AC


1.2 hp (900 Watt.)


Electric motor, direct onto worm gearbox.

Truing rollers

3 x 75 x 1310mm long, steel tube, double sealed.

Drive roller

1 x 219 x 1580mm machined & balanced steel drive roller.

Roll swath

1310mm wide.


Joystick to smoothing head, direct linkage.

Drive control

Toggle switch left or right direction on joystick top.


Regenerative braking built into the electric motor.


The built-in trailer, remains with the machine when rolling.


Premium UV protected, with adjustable arm rests.


Integrated, heavy duty. Quick & easy transition from transport to rolling position.

Tires – Trailer

18 x 6.50 – 8 4 ply

Weight – Operating

849lb. (385kg)

Roll area

Up to 8 full sized (120 x 120 ft.) rinks on 1 charge


2 years – Limited manufactures warranty

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