Ideal for those on a budget without compromising on quality.


Engine Type: Honda - Gasoline
Horsepower: 6.5 hp (4.85 kW)
Rolling width: 48
Trailer: Included
Warranty: 2 years - Limited manufactures warranty
Overview Features Specifications

Enviable performance. Exceptional durability. Inherently engineered for safety. The RB48-11A Golf Greens Roller delivers an unrivalled combination of advantages in an affordable package.

The RB48-11A rolls a 48 inch (1200mm) swath in a single pass. Its dual rolling heads are equipped with Tru-Turf’s patented offset rollers for perfectly even, crease-free smoothing and superior contour-following ability.

The machine is superbly balanced. Steering is light and easy, for smooth operation on the most challenging of greens. A low centre of gravity ensures roller stability and operator safety.

Ideal for those on a budget who will never compromise on quality.


The patented dual 24 inch wide tri-roller smoothing heads (with a total rolling width of 48 inches) are fitted with heavy-duty smoothing rollers that are double sealed and fitted with high quality long-life ball bearings.


All Tru-Turf Greens Rollers have a rubber coated, non-stick drive roller, providing the traction needed for the most challenging of course designs.


Tru-Turf’s gasoline-powered golf greens rollers have a power-train designed to handle the toughest operating conditions. They feature an ultra-reliable Honda 6.5HP OHV engine with lighting coil, coupled to a heavy duty Eaton 11 Hydrostatic transmission, stainless steel oil reservoir and heavy duty, low oil pressure steel lines.


The unique built-in trailer is easily operated and features heavy duty axles and trailer arms.

Honda – Gasoline
EngineHorsepower 6.5 hp (4.85 kW)
EngineLighting Coils Yes
Transmission – Manufacturer Eaton
Transmission – Type Hydrostatic 11
Oil CapacityEngine 1.05qts (1L) + Filter
Oil CapacityTransmission 6qts (6.84L) + Filter
Cooling 8 blade hydro transmission cooling fan
Drivetrain 1/2″ duplex chain, self adjusting ISO 08B2
Drive Roller Rubber coated, non stick.
Direction Control Foot pedals
Speed Control Foot pedals
Operating Speed 0 – 9 mph (0 – 15 km/h)
Steering Joystick – Light load, directly connected to smoothing heads.
Vibration Reduced through engine isolation mounts.
Seat Premium UV protected, with adjustable arm rests.
Trailer Integrated, heavy duty. Quick & easy transition from transport to rolling position.
Ground Pressure (Footprint) 3.5 psi (24 kPa)
Smoothing Heads 2 x 24″ (600mm)
Rolling Width 48″ (1200mm)
Lights Optional
Weight – Operating 707lb. (321kg)
Tires – Trailer 16 x 6.50 x 8
Slicer – Spring Steel Optional
Start / Stop Switch & recoil
Brake Hand & drum
OPS Safety Switch Seat activated
Optional Equipment Slicer, brush, spiker
Warranty 2 years – Limited manufactures warranty
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