At Tru-Turf, we’re about being brilliantly simple. Not making things complicated when they don’t have to be. The same applies to our customer service. We aim to make dealing with technical queries, maintenance and servicing as simple as possible. So we’re building an online repository of technical data for all our machines, and an online store for spare parts designed to speed the ordering and delivery process.

Here you can access up-to-date service manuals, specifications, and diagrams for every Tru-Turf model, as well as detailed warranty information and technical updates and bulletins.

Of course, our dealers welcome any queries you have regarding servicing and maintenance. Go to our ‘contact us’ menu for details of your nearest dealer or service representative.

We strive to constantly update and improve the effciency of our online service hub, and we welcome your feedback and suggestions for improvement.


View a collection of simple ‘how to’ videos that have been crafeully created to help you solve any mechanical problems. Step by step!