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The heavyweight, BH40 is effortless to operate via its intuitive electronic control center.
Rapidly maneuver at various speeds with Dynamic Adaptive Steering wheel. With the built-in, non-skid feature, rapidly accelerate and quickly stop without worrying about damaging your greens.

Have debris or a stray ball obstructing your path? The automatic park brake allows the driver to safely step off the roller and jump back on without turning the engine off. Simply press the pedal and you’re mobile again.

Have a preferred driving position when rolling?  Adjust your suspension seat forwards or backwards.

A high torque, Honda GX690 powertrain (22.1 hp/16.5kw) combined with a vulcanized rubber coated drive roller and steel steering roller, means you can feel confident taking on those challenging climbs on your greens and fairways without marking the surface.

Witness great results faster, thanks to Tru-Turf’s proven 40” wide, patented triple offset smoothing roller system. These are paired with our patented self-cleaning nodules, removing clipping build up on rollers.This prevents grass dumping, leaving a smoother, cleaner surface after rolling.

Designed with hassle free maintenance in mind, access to filters, reservoirs, belts and six grease points is easy, making servicing a breeze Added integrated Wi-Fi allows for remote online trouble shooting and software updates if required.

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Engine - Type Honda GX690 twin cylinder
Engine - Horsepower 22.1 hp, (16.5kw)
Transmission - Manufacturer Hydrostatic series with leakage compensation & dynamic electronic control.
Cooling Automatic control electric fan
Drive Train Two high-torque hydraulic motors with tooth belt drive to rollers.
Driver Roller Precision engineered, vulcanized rubber
Direction Control Separate foot pedals
Speed Control Electronic pedal w/dynamic software control
Operating Speed 0-9 mph (0-15kph)
Steering Dynamic adaptive steering wheel with software contro
Seat UV protected, adjustable w/suspension & side body protectors. Lap seat belt.
Trailer Integrated heavy duty Draw Bar. Tires/ wheels hydraulically lowered and raised
Ground Pressure 5.9 psi (40.7 kPa)
Smoothing Heads 1st head fitted w/single rubber coated drive roller & two contour following SS smoothing rollers. 2nd head (steering head) fitted w/single steel drive roller which contour follows & steers.
Rolling Width 40” (1016mm)
Lights 4 x LED (1 fitted to each corner) On while running
Weight - Operating 1430lbs (650kg) Full hydraulic oil
Tires - Trailer 20 x 8.00 x 10 6 ply
Start Stop 12V electric start
Brake - Roller Hydraulic spring applied, motor integrated
Drawbar Lifting weight when connecting Ball style (22lbs (10kg) Dual size 2” or 1 7/8” )
Battery Charger 12V x 17A charge, built into engine
Turning Radius 10’ (3 m)
Engine Vibration 5 cushion vibration mounts
Optional Equipment Equipment 4G / WiFi Telematics
Warranty 2 years - Limited manufacturer’s warranty.

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