RE50 Golf Greens Roller

A whisper-quiet machine worth shouting about.

The Tru-Turf electric roller has been called a tour-de-force of innovation and efficiency. No other machine delivers its unique combination of performance and quietness.

Greens preparation after hours or in areas where there are stringent noise restrictions? Effortless. Operation while adjacent holes are in use? Easy. Yet despite this roller’s ability to fly under the radar, it packs a punch. It is known to have the ability to roll up to 36 greens on a single charge. Going electric means little compromise when it’s a Tru-Turf machine. There’s ample power and traction to deliver the speed and impeccable crease-free results that our petrol-powered machines do.

Like all our rollers, this machine has an extremely low centre of gravity for exceptional stability and operator safety even on inclines, and is well balanced for an evenly rolled turf surface.

Handling and transport is just as simple. With its buit-in trailer system – featuring heavy duty axles and trailer arms – the machine is easily converted from transport mode to operational mode, by hand, in seconds.

With state of the art reliable electronics, it has the ability to reduce operator error when starting and stopping. How good is that?

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Featuring a state-of-the-art 48 volt, fully programmable drive system for energy-efficient power in all conditions, at all times of the day.


Roll up to 25 greens quickly and quietly on a single charge with no loss of performance. Only possible with Tru-Turf’s industry-leading technology.


All Tru-Turf Greens Rollers have a rubber coated, non-stick drive roller, providing the traction needed for the most challenging of course designs.


All our electric machines are fitted with independently sprung tri-roller smoothing heads featuring heavy-duty stainless steel rollers. These are double sealed and fitted with quality ball bearings for longer life.

Engine - Type 48V, AC Brushless
Engine - Horsepower 18 hp (13.5 kW)
Transmission - Manufacturer Falk Ultramite
Transmission - Type Double reduction helical
Oil Capacity - Transmission Sealed
Drive Train Toothed belt
Driver Roller Rubber coated, non stick. Flexible, contour following.
Direction Control Switch – fingertip
Speed Control Foot pedal
Operating Speed 0 – 9 mph (0 – 15 km/h)
Steering Joystick – Light load, directly connected to smoothing heads.
Seat Premium UV protected, with adjustable arm rests
Trailer Integrated, heavy duty. Quick & easy transition from transport to rolling position. -
Ground Pressure 3.8 psi (26 kPa)
Smoothing Heads 2 x Overlapping
Rolling Width 50” (1270mm)
Lights 2 x 48v LED
Weight - Operating 800lb. (364 kg)
Tires - Trailer 18 x 6.50 x 8 Turf tire
Start Stop Key / Electric
Brake - Park Handbrake. Drum style.
Brake - Roller Regenerative
Ops Safety Switch 15 sec. safety delay
Optional Equipment Slicer, Spiker, Brush & Drop down leg
Warranty 2 years - Limited manufacturers warranty

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